The 7 Things In Your Wardrobe You Should Never Throw Out


As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes, but when trying t get rid of the clutter and find new inspiration we can be tempted to throw away more than we need to. Regardless of the trends walking their way down the runway, or the eye-catching looks favoured by celebrities, there are several “evergreen: items in our wardrobes which will never fail to make us look and feel good.

While you may occasionally be tempted to throw these items away, here are the 7 wardrobe staples you should ALWAYS hold on to.


Item #1- Your favourite black boots

Black boots are a wardrobe staple that we should never be without. Whether they are suede or leather, you can pair them with just about anything to dress up a Winter outfit. Both stylish and comfortable, they are a piece worth investing in for the long haul, so once you’ve got them, you should never let them go.

Item #2- Cashmere Jumpers

Cashmere is definitely the knit of choice- it’s incredibly warm, it’s the most comfortable, but sadly- it’s also the most expensive! Get your cashmere dry-cleaned to look after it so you can keep it on rotation for as long as possible. When it starts looking a little worn- simple cut the pulls away from the fabric. There is never a reason to throw away cashmere if taken care of correctly. This is one investment that’ll pay you back in spades.

Item #3- Jeans

Denim takes months to mold to your body until it’s exactly right, but once it does- there is nothing better. A great pair of jeans hugs your figure in all the right places and feels just right. So why would you ever throw them out?! Even if your most flattering denim seems to be out of style right now, we can guarantee it will be back in fashion soon enough. And what could be better than already owning those perfectly worn jeans when it does? We thought so.

Item #4- Trench Coat

The trench coat is one of the most versatile pieces in our wardrobes, and that probably accounts for why we wear it way too much! But don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a problem and throwing it out in a moment of inspiration- keep it. There are so many different ways to wear this piece that we know you will regret giving it away.

Item #5- Your slip dress

Like Kate Moss, you can wear a slip dress anywhere. This piece is something that moves from night to day with the need to only add some heels once you’ve found the perfect one- you should hold onto it always.

Item #6- Black Leather Handbag

Black-leather-anything is one of the best-known wardrobe staples and something we all love to invest in. Even if you start feeling that your favourite black leather is bag is a little last season, hold onto it! Rotate this bag with another, as we guarantee you will come back to it with renewed enthusiasm¬†in the not too distant future…

Item #7- Leather jacket

An all-time favourite wardrobe item is the leather jacket. It can be edgy and sexy- OR, when paired with skinny black jeans, unbelievably sleek. An item that can be worn with this much adaptability should never be thrown out.


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