Model: Eliza Paige Avery


Eliza is currently a university student at UNSW and has only recently started modelling. I sat down with the fresh face to talk all things modelling.

Tell us about yourself…

So first of all, I was born in Newcastle and I was brought up incredibly well, I had a great childhood with a very supportive brother, supportive parents, grandparents and friends. I absolutely loved school and my life has always revolved around sport, it keeps me sane!

You’ve recently been signed with Gear Model Management in Sydney, how did that come about?

Yes, I have! They saw I was doing some work for an online boutique and Courtney, the director of Gear sent me a message on Instagram asking if I was signed by anyone, and I wasn’t!

Is modelling something you have dreamed of before?

I have always had it in the back of my mind but the thought of actually doing it and going through with it only really came about within the last two years I think it’s because I recently gained confidence. So I wouldn’t say it has been a huge dream but I have always admired super models- like I have always had ridiculous amounts of screenshots of Gisele and Adriana on my phone [laughs].

Tell me about your successes in the industry so far…

[Ooooh] Okay. I have done a lot of work for an online boutique, “LabelMeStore” which is run by three girls who have just graduated university. I also worked 2016 Blossom Ball to showcase Daniela Stephanie’s wedding gowns and Nadar’s jewellery. Most recently, I worked with Boohoo on their Winter campaign for 2016- I went to MB Fashion Week with them, running their social media with a company called This is Amplify.

And is there anything you’re working on for this year?

I have a lot of castings coming up and a shoot with the marketing manager of G-star Raw for some fitness wear and one for a company called “FitModelCO.”

What is it that you have found most difficult in the industry so far?

I think, the unknown. As cliché as that sounds like the anticipation of going into a casting is pretty scary. Also how last minute everything is- I could be thinking I have a completely relaxing week and then 5 minutes later I get 10 calls asking me to be here and there for a huge event! With Uni that is difficult to deal with because you have to really balance your time and make sure your head is screwed on.

Where is it that you want to be in say, five years?

I just want to be happy!!! But career wise, definitely set up with a decent start to the career that I want! Travelling with my job would be ideal, that’s definitely a goal as well.

Your dream modelling job?

My dream modelling job… I will take anything I can get!!

And your dream job?

News broadcaster!!!

 What, or who inspires you to do what you do?

I get inspired by little things all the time every day. This morning, I passed my house on a jog with his dad, and that inspired me. My brother is also a huge idol for me because he is such a hard worker but would never ask for any praise for it? He just works his butt off. You can just tell he wants the best for everyone else its so beautiful and inspiring and I am so proud of him. Also Emma Watson. A number of videos I have watched of her just talking is insane. She also carries herself with such grace which I think is really important. And of course, my parents.

What is your favourite quote?

“Happy wins.”



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