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10 Best Celebrity-Approved Spring Dresses This Year

BY STEF BLANCH If you’re like us, you would have spent the past few months dreaming of the days you will be back outside basking in the warmth that is Spring again. And with Spring finally here, there is nothing quite as satisfying as hanging up our coats inspired by Carrie Bradshaw braving the New York Winter and swapping them with our favourite sundresses. While … Continue reading 10 Best Celebrity-Approved Spring Dresses This Year

10 Celebrity Workout Outfits For Spring

BY STEF BLANCH On those days where you would rather snuggle under your doona cover, the perfect active wear might be just the inspiration you need to drag yourself out of bed and get you moving! We’ve all heard it before- exercise is the perfect way to start the day, and when you get the rush of endorphins afterward it is truly hard to deny … Continue reading 10 Celebrity Workout Outfits For Spring

The Best Ways to Wear The New Power Suit

BY STEF BLANCH The power suit is trending this year and we are in love, yet still, we want more. While we adore that the suit is back in fashion, this time we are hoping it truly transforms into an enduring staple of the female wardrobe. We have long been fans of the power suit because it stands for much more than fashion- it is … Continue reading The Best Ways to Wear The New Power Suit

The 7 Things In Your Wardrobe You Should Never Throw Out

BY STEFANIE BLANCH As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes, but when trying t get rid of the clutter and find new inspiration we can be tempted to throw away more than we need to. Regardless of the trends walking their way down the runway, or the eye-catching looks favoured by celebrities, there are several “evergreen: items in our wardrobes which will never fail … Continue reading The 7 Things In Your Wardrobe You Should Never Throw Out

Store Manager: Daniel Galea

BY STEFANIE BLANCH Daniel is currently the StoreManager at Hugo BOSS in Sydney Westfield.   Tell me about yourself… I was raised in a little semi rural town in Western Sydney, which meant I spent a lot of time on my parent’s acreage property looking after animals and riding motorbikes. However, I always admired the cosmopolitan nature of the inner city and would go on shopping and food … Continue reading Store Manager: Daniel Galea

Model: Eliza Paige Avery

BY STEFANIE BLANCH Eliza is currently a university student at UNSW and has only recently started modelling. I sat down with the fresh face to talk all things modelling. Tell us about yourself… So first of all, I was born in Newcastle and I was brought up incredibly well, I had a great childhood with a very supportive brother, supportive parents, grandparents and friends. I … Continue reading Model: Eliza Paige Avery